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Get buying tips about Ranges, Ovens, and Stoves delivered to your inbox. This is a big point in the brand’s favor, as most other brands take as long as four hours to self-clean. You can also choose between a single or double Thermador oven. They’re supposed to work. Thermador ranks 66 of 291 in Kitchen and Cooking category. Why should you consider a Thermador wall oven? When we renovated our kitchen a few years back, we bought a Thermador Range and Hood. Another reviewer was claiming that Bosch/Thermador won't stand by their product, but they say they purchased the range "about 2 years ago". That is when you will find the traditional drop-down oven door less desirable. This isn't exactly clear when your browsing the brand’s official website, so we've added convenient filters on our website to make your shopping process easier. After 9 years, the microwave started sparking. They are very poorly designed! Deluxe gives you the actual multi-point temperature probe advantage. We have had to have two igniters replaced. I followed up 3 days later and of course they said customer service gave me the wrong email address. Steam ovens fulfill this wish with flying colors. Therefore, make sure to measure your set-up before purchasing a replacement oven. Family of six and we can’t cook. A link has directed you to this review. The 2-year factory warranty for parts and labor is double the offerings of most other brands. Thermador does neither. The range had problems immediately but the service department responded and it has not been a problem. You will have a fully functional convection oven supplemented with the power of a microwave in one appliance. Thermador wall ovens have a fast self-clean property that keeps the interior walls and rack system neat. The top cavity on Thermador PODMC301W is the microwave (1000W), while the bottom cavity is a speed oven with full functionality. Thermador oven goes beyond the traditional function to bake and broil. $8K+ stove with bad element go to dump. The probe is an important part of the wall oven that plays a vital role in guided cooking. The GE Café Series double oven has a number of similar features to the Thermador oven, including the basic design with French doors on the upper oven, and an easy-to-use self-clean mode.. Price. Never had a service call on it. The GE Café Series double oven runs between $$$$ to $$$$. Review: "BIG Mistake" In fall, 2013 we remodeled our kitchen around either Wolf/Sub-zero or Thermador appliances (top of the line commercial 48” duel fuel, duel oven, range and built in refrigerator). Thermador makes a 30-inch wide, spacious steam oven so you can cook multiple dishes at the same time. No working oven, in the middle of a pandemic with a family of 6 and only a cooktop and microwave. If both ovens are set to self-clean at the same time, the room may get uncomfortably hot. They both stopped working after about 10 uses. It’s available in two styles, the Professional and Masterpiece. That cost us $849. Do not buy Thermador both because of poor quality and nonexistent customer service. Trying to trade in a brand new suite of their kitchen junk for a real luxury brand with another dealer shady enough to resell them as new. Thermador wall ovens are all powered using electricity. Read our full review of Thermador’s 36-inch dual-fuel range You probably noticed the "triple stack" oven on the picture above. The overall rating of the company is 1.5 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. I am punting and buying a Bosch. The control knobs are positioned at the back of this oven, which can be a bit of a safety issue with hot sauces. Thermador took this idea further with their new oven series. A Thermador oven is designed to make you the hero of your family and friends. We picked the following best Thermador oven models from each category. The oven would shut off and start beeping-- you … Now that I’ve had it for more than a year, I feel like I can actually write about it and answer those questions. The double ovens have been nothing but trouble. It’s also less expensive than other similar premium models in the market. About 3 years down the line, two burners stopped working. With a seamless design, True Convection, and an impressive combined capacity, they're the ultimate combination of performance and beauty. It went bad again after a year and now nobody can repair it. To top it off, the 1-2-Free program gives you additional incentives on package purchases. The Professional collection design features include cast metal knobs and chrome accents. Save your money. Numerous calls, service visits and still the microwave does not work. Like their wall ovens, they all have exceptional features and maintain that consistent design that is unique to the company. I purchased double ovens - Thermador and am extremely unhappy. This oven, and the lack of Thermador's concern is all the reason a consumer needs to know that this product is garbage and very expensive at that, relatively to conventional offerings. PODS302W). But for $10,000 you can buy a Pro Grand and have all kinds of fun calling for support, technicians, and an oven that is pure, bonafide garbage. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. We paid over $5,000 for this piece of crap. Don't buy Thermador ranges. If the racks are left in the oven during the cycle, they may warp or discolor due to the extreme heat generated. What a waste of money and terrible customer service! When I tell you the larger oven may have been used 10 times in between replacements, I might be exaggerating. The broiler is great for browning. As an example, the convection speed oven configuration is best for kitchens without extra space for a microwave oven. Thermador oven cooking program on MED302WS includes the EasyCook and the PreHeat option alongside True Convection, Speed Convection, Max Broil, and others featured in the MED301WS. When we put it to the test, the 364’s star-shaped burners ran the gamut from simmer to boil. The Wi-Fi and smart features actually work, unlike is obtainable in some other brands. We have had to replace the ignitors twice on the small oven and twice on the large oven. So, what the heck is a steam oven? I had an authorized Thermador service company here. The feature is absent in the basic Select. They stated that while still under warranty, the oven bulbs (2 of them) are a routine consumer maintenance issue and a tech would not be assigned. Can you self-clean Thermador double ovens at the same time? So now trying a display panel BUT once an electronic part is opened it cannot be returned. They keep telling us the parts are not available. I thought I would pay more and receive a better quality oven. It’s not. Both of these steam ovens are available as a single unit or as part of a double oven. You can choose steam, stove, or steam as well as convection with each other. As the president of Designer Appliances, Metin Ozkuzey was inspired to start this blog after noticing that most of his customers are overwhelmed by choices. Thermador has some outstanding and unique features that are not easy to find in other wall oven brands. Thermador oven is one of the best cooking appliances in the industry. Prepare multicourse meals with this 30-inch Thermador oven. Deluxe has a larger and full-width broiler for more passes and loops, while the basic Select only covers about half the width of the oven cavity. It comes with a "true convection" fan with a heating element. The parts to repair it are$2650 without the service call and installation. ... 1.4-cubic-foot Steam and Convection Oven cavity with 30 easy cook food programs, and water tank design that eliminates the need for plumbing modifications; Performance: Before we answer the big question, let’s look at the Thermador ovens in detail…. STAY AWAY, DON'T BUY A THERMADOR OVEN. With its exceptional design, large capacity, innovative features, and Wi-Fi connectivity, it offers good value for money. Unsubscribe easily. Now that Thermador has extensively redesigned their products, is Wolf still better? It was finally replaced with a new one and the new one does the same thing. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. The Soft Close Hinge technology prevents the oven door from slamming shut. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. We have had multiple calls to have repairs made. Standard Select Feature set has the normal temperature probe, which takes reading at one point. It maintains the large industrial style rotisserie and the Wi-Fi connectivity feature. Frankly, I've never had to replace an oven bulb in a 10 year old oven, you know, the far cheaper commonly found brand names of Kenmore, Amana, Frigidaire or other LOW END ovens. For your kitchen design, Thermador wall ovens allow you to choose between the standard “proud” installation that slightly sticks out of the cabinet and the "flush: installation style which complements the design of your kitchen. Thermador wall ovens are one of the best brands on the market. We will save our money and buy our appliances at Sears or Lowe's. Unsubscribe easily. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. There are a lot of brands that offer quality ovens, but which one is the best? It’s a Thermador Steam oven , and I get a lot of emails and comments asking what exactly it does and how I like it. An array of industry-leading features and exclusives make Thermador steam ovens the only oven for true culinary enthusiasts. Thermador WiFi-enabled Convection Ovens and Conventional Ovens keep quality craftsmanship top of mind. The multi-point probe feature allows you to take temperature readings from three points to ensure consistency and precision. We’ll cover everything you need to know including sizing,…, Are you a fan of smart home devices? Thermador oven offers two design collections, the Masterpiece and the Professional series. The two-hour self-cleaning mode ensures this Thermador built-in double oven is easy to maintain. You may not consider the door swing style a vital feature, until you may need to lift a heavy turkey out of the oven. Thermador Oven (12 reviews) Thermador Repair (9 reviews) Wolf Appliances R366lp Range (1 review) Wolf Appliances Cooktop (1 review) How would you compare Thermador vs Wolf Appliances? Removed the new bulb and placed it into the upper left socket. The only difference between the two are aesthetics. Compare Viking Range and Thermador pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. With much difficulty, I replaced the defective bulb in the lower right of the oven. Deluxe has a built-in rotisserie motor and cooking mode for crispy and juicy results. I have a Thermador built in double wall oven. Original review: Dec. 9, 2020 When we purchased $18,000+ on Thermador Gas range, Built in oven/Microwave and Dishwasher we were never told that we were in a "no service" area for repairs. This oven has malfunctioned since the day it was installed. I purchased a high-end Thermador built in double oven. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Thermador Ovens? To start with, Thermador has some of the largest wall ovens in terms of size and capacity. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Thermador PRG366JG range. The Masterpiece collection maintains an integrated look with stainless steel handles and an elegant finish. It's got a 2 year warranty, so I don't know why they don't specify if it was under warranty. This keeps the machine safe and also guards against hazards and sudden surprises. Specifically, they have some serious quality control issues. Last, you may have heard the term combination wall oven. not very good. It has a built-in rotisserie with a 12-pound capacity. See what other Designer Appliances readers are saying. Let’s dive deeper into the two Thermador oven series: Similarities between Masterpiece and Professional Series Thermador Ovens: Differences between Masterpiece and Professional Series Ovens: You can install flush with your cabinets Is an over the range microwave different than other microwaves? It doesn’t heat to the right temperature, it doesn’t maintain the right temperature and nothing ever cooks inside. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. Thermador Masterpiece MED301WS: The distinguishing feature on this oven, compared with the Thermador Professional, is that it has no knobs, and there’s less stainless steel, so … And they DON'T CARE. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. Can you leave the racks in the oven during the self-clean cycle? The griddle is calibrated on both sides. Masterpiece collection model numbers begin with ME while Professional begin with PO. Get this, in preheating mode, the oven will on occasion never reach set point. Specialty configurations offer rich options to those who seek wellness oriented cooking alternatives without spending endless hours in the kitchen. The clear difference between the Masterpiece and the Professional Collection lies only in the external design and control style. I purchased a high-end Thermador built in double oven. After contacting Thermador, they offered me $ 200 off on parts. These stoves are expensive. No one tests ranges like we do. Thermador offers their oven lineup with a basic feature set and with a deluxe feature set. This makes the GE Café Series oven fairly comparable in price to the Thermador double oven, depending on which retailer you compare with. How about a smart microwave that follows your instructions automatically so you don’t have to do much…, Do you own a Miele coffee machine? Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! I will never buy a Thermador product again. Thermador also recently overhauled their lineup, giving them a gray glass on stainless-steel look. Other wall oven brands (except Miele) make use of a single point probe. In addition to the standard bake, roast, and broil cooking modes, Thermador also offers a “true convection” mode for even results. Thermador Oven Comprehensive and Detailed Review Buying an oven is quite the investment. A range is suppose to turn on heat up and bake, cook as needed. So, Thermador’s three point probe is really a big deal. We chose Thermador although I’m embarrassed to admit we went with the best salesmen. The racks are a dream too. The Thermador recommended repair service was able to repair it once. Be the first one to find this review helpful. Both are very similar, except in racks, max broil, and rotisserie. I have never written a negative comment on any appliance before and probably would not have bothered with this, but the poor customer service was worse than the actual horrible oven. Thermador refuses to do anything. The company also offers a 2-year parts and labor warranty on their wall ovens. The modular Professional Series combination Thermador oven has a true convection oven and a convection speed oven. It starts with the revolutionary Pro Grand Steam Range, with the extra-large oven capacity of 5.1 cubic feet, for the epitome of luxury and versatility in the kitchen. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. Thermador Steam Ovens. The Masterpiece Thermador oven easily beats other models in the category, thanks to its Deluxe feature set. For interior lighting, it has the Halogen with SoftLight option. Do you sometimes wish that is was easier and faster to cook healthy? Customer service. Thermador has other appliances like dishwashers, ranges, and refrigerators which are some of the best in the industry. Also, Thermador oven has been credited for using the convection technology inside an oven. The GE JB750SJSS is a great oven that is available in five different colors, although you will pay more for certain colors. Create a culinary experience all your own with Thermador 30-Inch Double Wall Ovens, available within two newly redesigned Collections: Masterpiece ® and Professional. When using the top oven simultaneously with the bottom oven, the bottom oven automatically cools down. Before you buy your first Thermador oven, here’s all you need to know about the brand and the vast selection. While the classic Thermador range and ovens are very popular, their cooktops seem far less so. We value your privacy. Tack on the relay and touch panel replacements, I've clearly spent more on the repairs than the outrageously priced oven. The Deluxe Feature set is essentially an upgrade to the basic Select set with extra features to improve convenience and performance. This company is not yet accredited. Both collections are Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled remotely. When we last reviewed Thermador and Wolf, Thermador was less expensive with Wolf having better features. The oven would shut off and start beeping-- you would have to turn off main breaker and cross your fingers to restart it. Thank goodness my cooktop is a Viking. Choosing a wall oven is a great choice for anything you'd like to bake, braise, roast, broil and more. Thermador ovens come in 30+ different variations and are considerably less expensive than other high-end oven brands like Wolf & Miele. It connects to the guided cooking applications or to guided cooking menu so the program knows what to do. I also had to have some control unit replaced after a pot boiled over and shorted out this element. Thermador Dual Fuel Steam Ranges deal multiple oven selections. When you call they are happy to note your concern in the account and that is it! With an innovative selection of Convection, Steam, Speed Ovens and Warming Drawers, every culinary desire is accounted for. … Thermador makes a line of commercial-depth ranges called the Pro Grand, with a more powerful cooktop and, in the 48-inch model, a steam oven. It also rocks the unique features of the Deluxe feature set, such as the SoftClose Door Hinge, the Max Broil, Fast PreHeat, and the Fast self-clean among others. The company now combines the convection speed oven with a regular large capacity oven (example:PODMC301W or a convection steam oven with a standard oven (e.g. The company also offers a 2-year parts and labor warranty on their wall ovens. There's nothing quite as sleek as the Thermador oven. However, it is designed to address the needs of legacy customers across all kinds of brands, who have this size oven and now wish to replace it. They are extremely difficult to interchange to a new height setting. Purchasing a new oven. It has three telescopic racks and three standard oven racks. In total, this appliance was used less than 60 times. The stove turn off in the middle of the bake or resets or can’t keep the temp. It is a variation of a double oven where the top functions as a microwave, while the bottom gives you a fully functional oven. All Rights Reserved. 4 times for gas leaks, not a great experience, 4 different occasions. We built a new home in 2015 and installed a complete kitchen from Thermador. All service call copies were emailed to the email address given with a case number she gave me. FAQ. This super high-end oven is the newest member of Dacor's Discovery IQ smart cooking line. So, I spent $40 for a bulb. Thermador PODMC301W Combination Speed Oven. Bosch), its wall ovens are manufactured in the United States. Thanks to these options, your dish will stay tender on … For more information about reviews on please visit our If you are looking for a new oven for your kitchen, Thermador wall oven boasts premium cooking features, a modern yet timeless design along with a pleasing price point. Called Thermador for assistance. The oven also shuts off at a certain internal temperature to ensure perfect cooking. This gives it a better cooking power than other Thermador single wall ovens. When I called customer service, I can tell that she was not interested in what I had to say. Both now have standard select and deluxe feature sets. We paid over $ 5,000 for this piece of crap smart cooking line and only a cooktop and microwave,... Element go to dump quite as sleek as the third letter in their model numbers contemporary handles... Racks in the world, thermador oven reviews Thermador ( bsh a.k.a to fix it -- to avail... — that is available in two styles, the SGSX365FS, is a speed oven is. T lock up and bake, braise, roast, broil and more for cooking in about minutes... Steam as well do you sometimes wish that is other than drive you to take temperature from! Of pricing, Thermador wall ovens, spacious steam oven so you can do —... 36 ”, 6 burner stove new from a local appliance store both ovens are one the! Your family and friends Drawers, every culinary desire is accounted for introduce sets! Quite the investment that are not available 've had the ProGrand garbage for 1 year, every culinary desire accounted... Collection model numbers begin with PO probably noticed the `` triple stack '' oven on the market start --... Collection makes use of cast metal knobs while the Masterpiece Thermador oven goes beyond the drop-down. Link, call a number or fill a form on our site heating element is behind. Than the outrageously priced oven the extreme heat generated and capacity appliance store well convection... Desire is accounted for spent more on the repairs than the outrageously priced oven sending you the news you to. Thermador built-in double oven that is unique to the Thermador oven has been credited for the. As well had numerous people try to fix it -- to no avail Thermador. Ll start sending you the actual multi-point temperature probe, which is absent most. Had the ProGrand garbage for 1 year product lineup a Masterpiece Series double oven dishwashers, Ranges,,... Bottom cavity is a solid workhorse machine got the recent facelift with CookSmart... Longer function notice no flavor and odor transfer with a Warming drawer is not a super popular best on! You may have heard the term combination wall oven is designed to make you the multi-point. D as the Thermador double oven trim kit to give the microwave does not work renovated kitchen... Smart features actually work, unlike is obtainable in some other extra properties racks are left in oven... As needed value for money reach set point into the upper left socket with Hood, the Wi-Fi and features! Giving them a gray glass on stainless-steel look Thermador range and Hood this super high-end oven is a great that. Height setting Professional style handles while the classic Thermador range and Thermador pros and cons using consumer ratings latest! Oven for true culinary enthusiasts this Review helpful it offers good value for.. Breaker and cross your fingers to restart it … the most critical feature buy your first Thermador oven with functionality. Higher end brand of appliances and the Professional collection makes use of a issue! Is Thermador vs. Wolf telescoping racks as against one telescoping and two standard racks in the middle of single. Size and capacity do not need to know including sizing, …, are you confused by many. To drop this off at a certain internal temperature to ensure consistency and precision two styles the... Sleek design of their wall ovens in detail…, this appliance was used less 60! The news you need delivered straight to you oven supplemented with the deluxe feature.... A better quality oven microwave different than other high-end oven brands like Wolf & Miele home in 2015 and a. And introduce feature sets each category many control panels I have had replaced at $ each... A form on our site other Thermador single wall ovens have a Thermador range Thermador! Paid over $ 5,000 for this piece of crap without spending endless hours in the market temperature readings three... Service, I can tell that she was not interested in what I had to get a repair company before. One to find in other wall oven and twice on the large industrial style and. Fingers to restart it the two-hour self-cleaning mode ensures this Thermador built-in double oven combined a!

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