About Us

Corry Cook

“The American Revel Traveler is a celebration – a bold invitation to rally the most savvy and sophisticated American Global Citizens. Together we can advance the American traveler’s priorities and a legacy of ‘good.’ Do you give a damn? Join us!”
--Corry Cook, Founder

A proud American and passionate Global Citizen, Corry Cook was raised in Silicon Valley and educated in tourism and the environment in both the United States and Europe. For the last five years, she has served as Senior Editor at Silicon Valley’s premier luxury publication, Gentry Magazine, specializing in eco-elegant travel and adventure.

Corry founded the American Revel Traveler in 2019 because she believed that creating a platform where accomplished American Global Citizens can connect and call attention to the importance of travel that is safe, sustainable and unforgettable – in the United States and around the world - is past due.

Having worked more than two decades in both the public and private sectors, Corry’s professional career includes championing comprehensive VIP services and programs with consistent revenue-generating results. At her core Corry operates with great respect and gratitude for talented individuals and teams who make exceptional travel, adventure and entertainment a reality.

Corry learned the transformative power of philanthropic adventure at an early age. At age 16, she spent a summer on the island of Dominica, volunteering alongside other students from around the world to rebuild infrastructure and mentor young people in rural towns devastated by unrelenting rain on the island. Today, Corry continues to find excitement in achieving a deeper understanding and connection to the world through global living and giving.

She received her BA in World Cultures from UCLA and her Master’s Degree in Tourism, Environment & Development from King’s College London, with plans to advance her environment-infused travel studies to the PhD level in 2020.


Welcome to the American Revel Traveler, a thoughtful new digital destination designed to unite and serve a highly mobile and sophisticated community – American Global Citizens – regardless of age, gender, politics or country of residence.

We EXPLORE in balance, achieving a deeper understanding and connection to the world through an intelligent approach to exceptional people, places and experiences. Our style and content are 100% community driven; savvy global travelers as well as luxury and adventure travel experts and influencers contribute, connect and inspire each other here.

For those who work hard and play hard, travel is both leisure AND an opportunity to generate social, economic, and environmental IMPACT. Therefore, we celebrate luxury travel and adventure companies, destinations and experiences that radiate a solid commitment to animals, people and the planet.

We advocate for a healthy balance between our right to INDULGE and our duty to contribute to others and the world around us. In the absence of a direct connection between luxury earned and impact desired, we aim to offer an alternative pairing of the two that promotes offset in the same community.

Through the power of authentic recognition and gratitude, we amplify the efforts of a wide range of extraordinary individuals. And in doing so, we aim to ELECTRIFY awareness and enthusiasm for travel and adventure that is safe, sustainable and unforgettable – within the United States and around the world.



For thousands of years, Chinese philosophy has held that balance and vitality are in the result of five elements –WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER - being in harmony. In addition to the placement of items in physical space, Feng Shui has been applied to countless areas to master a myriad of personal goals including wealth, career success and more.

Good Feng Shui is about aligning the five elements and “qi” (energy) in a positive way in an effort to foster good luck, enhance well-being and improve any environment. As innovative and accomplished American Global Citizens, our world expands far beyond any one place, environment or object. Why not engage aspects of Feng Shui as we explore the world’s most luxurious and exciting destinations?

Like many American rock stars, scholars and design gurus, the editorial team at the American Revel Traveler has fallen hard for this wildly esoteric approach. Taking cues from this ancient art and wisdom, the American Revel enthusiastically explores and embraces each element in a productive cycle. And we strive to include the presence of all five elements in the sum of our global travels. As we promote the potential for personal balance and well being in our travels; perhaps we may lessen the strain and negative effects of tourism on the world’s most sought-after destinations by encouraging a wide variety of travel experiences.

We don’t claim to be experts, merely enthusiasts and academics on an experimental journey. We hope you find this forgiving and balanced approach to life, and travel, as unique and inspiring as we do.