Fire, USA

Gentry Magazine explores how Nuestra Casa in East Palo Alto addresses critical community needs in real time.
Photo: Bryan Patrick.

What is Fire?

Not only is FIRE a bold adventure, it inspires confidence, guts and swagger. At the American Revel Traveler, we aim to explore this very temperamental element and a wide variety of passion and action. We celebrate exceptional individuals who inspire, motivate and enrich our lives. And we honor those who put themselves at risk on our behalf, strive to maintain our freedom and promote our safety and security - in our communities across the United States and around the world.



Good Feng Shui is about aligning the five elements and “qi” (energy) in a positive way in an effort to foster good luck, enhance well-being and improve any environment. Unpredictable and bold, the FIRE element is associated with Summer.

In Feng Shui, FIRE fosters sociability, self-confidence and reputation. No surprise, it is the most powerful and volatile of all the five elements. Upping the level of travel in life that is red hot may ignite passion, inspiration, courage and the joy that comes with celebrity or public recognition. Confidence and excitement abound; so embrace the allure of FIRE fully while staying mindful this season to stay cool and prevent burnout.

At the American Revel Traveler we invite you to tap into the FIRE element with adrenaline-inducing action. Allow it to fuel the senses and supercharge the body, mind and soul. Choose people, places and things that demonstrate a solid commitment to animals, humans and the planet. We applaud these efforts and encourage your support. And consider further offsetting well-deserved indulgence by learning about, and contributing to, sound efforts to provide resources and support for active and retired military and their families, law enforcement and first responders – in the United States or anywhere in the world.