This uber luxurious private marine reserve is deeply committed to the species conservation and protection.
Photo: Thanda Island.

Permanent Waves


Meet the NYC nonprofit bringing clean drinking water to people in developing countries – 8.2 million so far!

What is Water?

WATER, in all its gentleness and grace, is one of the most powerful forces of nature. Yet for millions around the globe, acquiring this liquid luxury continues to be a heartbreaking crisis. At the American Revel Traveler, we aim to explore the awe-inspiring WATER element and a wide variety of H2O-driven destinations, businesses, programs and experiences. We celebrate exceptional individuals who connect us to water as both luxury and life. And we amplify efforts to advance safe drinking water, successful sanitation solutions and other critical human needs for all.



Good Feng Shui is about aligning the five elements and “qi” (energy) in a positive way in an effort to foster good luck, enhance well-being and improve any environment. WATER is the fifth and most vital element in Feng Shui. Fluid and reflective, the WATER element is associated with Winter.

WATER also symbolize career prospects, money flow and life’s journey. Travel drenched in plenty of vibrant H2O may enhance a positive flow in our lives, extract courage, promote effective communication, and provide plenty of inspiration. Of course, there are well-known physiological benefits of water - reducing muscle tension and joint stress, keeping the body hydrated inside and out, skin nourished and hair radiant. And remember the endless psychological joys for the aquafile in many of us – a sip or a dip often leaves the mind at peace or invigorated, optimistic and even sex-ready.

At the American Revel Traveler we invite you to tap into the power of WATER with the most luxurious aquatic experiences. Choose luxury and adventure companies, destinations and experiences that demonstrate a solid commitment to animals, humans and the planet. And consider further offsetting well-deserved indulgence by learning about, and contributing to, sound efforts to advance clean water and other basic and critical human needs – in the United States or anywhere in the world.