In an Africa where humans and wildlife often struggle to coexist peacefully, one team delivers a safe haven for animals in need, and a chance for volunteers to make a tangible difference in conservation.

What is Wood?

Nature, in all its strength and splendor, connects every aspect of life. At the American Revel Traveler, we aim to explore the robust WOOD element and a wide variety of spectacular eco-driven destinations, businesses, programs and experiences. We celebrate exceptional individuals who connect us to the splendor and importance of the natural world. And we amplify efforts that support local communities while promoting conservation of our planet’s many diverse wildlife and natural environments.



Good Feng Shui is about aligning the five elements and “qi” (energy) in a positive way in an effort to foster good luck, enhance well-being and improve any environment. WOOD is the first element in Feng Shui. Essential and resilient, the WOOD element is associated with Spring.

The WOOD element also represents prosperity, new beginnings and a chance to strengthen family ties. Travel fortified with plenty of access to the wild and wonderful natural world may enhance a sense of strength in our lives, generate abundance and promote gratitude. Of course, there are physiological benefits of getting active and outdoors –strong bones and muscles, reduced risk of disease, lower blood pressure and (if you’re lucky) supercharged libido. And endless psychological benefits for the nature-lover in many of us – a brisk hike or bike ride often leaves the mind feeling resilient and inspired.

At the American Revel Traveler we invite you to tap into the power of WOOD with plenty of action and adventure in the natural world. Allow it to empower the senses and ground the body, mind and soul. Choose luxury and adventure companies, destinations and experiences that demonstrate a solid commitment to animals, humans and the planet. And consider further offsetting well-deserved indulgence by learning about, and contributing to, sound efforts to protect wildlife, support local communities, deliver sustainable development and advance conservation of the natural world – in the United States or anywhere in the world.